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The Information Warehouse | December 14, 2017

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About Us

The staff at InformationWarehouse.Org consist of four professionals that are committed to providing it’s users with quality information that you can rely on. The four of the founding members all have college degrees, two of them have earned Masters degrees in their respected field. They enjoy researching and informing the world about a wide variety of interesting topics, products, and services.


My name is DeJarvis Floyd and I am the founding father of InformationWarehouse.Org. I am well-traveled, strong-minded, and have an interesting background. I am from Denver Colorado and I have lived in several country’s out side of the United States. I am a former member of the United States Air Force. I am a former employee of the Department of Defense (DFAS) and of the Department of Veteran Affairs. I also received a Bachelor of Science degree in Concrete Engineering from Middle Tennessee State University and worked as a concrete plant manager in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I am currently working toward and I am 15 hours away from receiving a Master’s Degree in Business Education. I will work as a college professor upon completion of my Masters degree. One of my best attributes is that in person I am funny as hell. I love to have good time. I have a deep appreciation for helping people. In my spare time I am a aspiring stand-up comedian, basketball official and I coach in two children’s basketball and football leagues. I have an open mind. Because of my diverse back ground I would consider myself to be an expert in many fields.

I want you to utilize this web-site as a platform for information and for your entertainment. If you have any suggestions I am open to your input. I am leaving this web-site open for your comments and I hope that you can add your opinions or comments to any post that you find interesting. If you have questions or would like research conducted about any topic, product, or service then you leave your question in the comment section below or go to the contact page, and leave your contact information and ask your question. Their is almost no question that is too dumb to ask. But yes alrighty, we will answer all of them anyway!

If you are interested in becoming an employee with Information Warehouse then go to the contact page and indicate that you are looking for work. Tell us about your back ground and expertise. I am currently looking to hire someone with above average writing skills and that enjoys writing about sports and entertainment.

We look forward to assisting you with your information needs!