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The Information Warehouse | December 14, 2017

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Mobile Marketing

These days, almost everyone has a mobile/cellular phone. Are you marketing to your customers by interacting with them through their personal, cellular phones? More people own cell phones than computers, and most of your customers are reachable far more often through their phones than their computers. There are at least three main ways you should be reaching consumers through their personal phones.

Firstly, you need to be engaging in SMS (known to most as “text messages,” SMS is the more accurate term) marketing, or the sending of text messages to your customers’ mobile phones. Probably 95% of promotional SMS messages are read compared to much lower rates for email marketing messages, which can have open rates as low as 5% in some industries. The tall and short of it is, if you are not marketing to your customer’s mobile phones, you are seriously missing out on a highly effective way to market your business and communicate with your customers.

Similarly, more and more people have smart phones (such as the Apple iPhone or Motorola Droid) and can browse the internet on their phones just as easily as if they were at a computer. And, most importantly of all, if they’re in the car or on the go and looking for your website, do you have an attractive, easily navigable mobile version of your website to present to them when they land on your website with their mobile phones? Probably not, and I would like to explain to you why that could be a huge mistake for your business.